Fine Art Photographic Prints

I think Fine Art prints are still the best way to appreciate and enjoy photos - it is impossible to get the full effect of colour and texture, and the pleasure of holding a physical print via the computer screen. Printing at high quality is often too expensive to do regularly for most people unfortunately, so I am pleased to offer my printing services to the Auckland photographic community.

I print on a range of Fine Art papers, using the latest Epson Ultrachrome HD pigment inks. These papers and inks very accurate, with high optical density and dynamic range, and are of full archival quality - with proper storage they are rated for 200 years! I carry stock of several of my favourite papers as described below, but I’m very open to trying out other papers or print types you may be interested in.


  • A4 prints $20 - up to 210 x 297mm (8.3 x 11.7”)

  • A3+ prints $35 - up to 329 x 483mm (13 x 19”)

Prices are based on the paper types shown below. Please contact me for special requirements of paper type or size. These prices assume you can pick the prints up from me in Grey Lynn or Newmarket (Auckland, NZ) - any shipping charges will be added at cost, including any packaging material required.

Paper Types

These are the papers I keep on hand, and have good experience using for a range of different images. I’m happy to provide advice on which papers I think should go with which images, and postprocessing adjustments to suit etc. I’m always keen to try other types of paper too, so let me know if you have any particular needs. But for most uses, I think these Ilford papers do a fantastic job, and are reasonably well priced. I’ve shown a close up detail from one of my images printed on each of these papers, with bold colours, white areas, and fine details for comparison.

Ilford Galerie Prestige - Gold Fibre Silk - 310gsm

Glossy paper with bold, vivid colours. But it’s a ‘proper’ glossy paper, with a Baryta (Barium Sulfate) layer over a fibre base like ‘real’ photographic papers, not a cheap plasticy gloss. I don’t print much gloss for myself, but I love this one in particular.

Great paper for anything with a lot of detail or bold colour and contrast, such as the classical landscape scenes or bold fashion portraits etc. Also great if you have a lot of heavy black areas, or black backgrounds, which shine out on gloss, rather than appear as heavy dull patches on matte paper.

Ilford Galerie Prestige - Gold Cotton SMooth - 330gsm

Heavy weight matte paper, with a mostly smooth finish with some fine texture.

Beautiful paper which gives nice smooth, but still bold, colours, and good detail retention. Easy to use as a general-purpose matte paper, without going to the extreme textured stuff, which doesn’t suit every image.

If you prefer matte over gloss, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Ilford Galerie Prestige - Gold COTTON TEXTURED - 330gsm

Heavy weight matte paper, with a strong textured finish, similar to hot-press watercolour paper.

This is my favourite ever paper, I print almost everything on it, although it probably best suits images with more subtle colours and contrast the best. The texture can provide extra interest to things with a lot of negative space, or even blown out areas. Grey skies can become interesting again!

Pretty colours and interesting details are still pretty well preserved, just not to the same level as the gloss paper. I love matte paper on my wall though, as there are no reflections from the sun.

Awagami Premio Unryu 165gsm

Look at this crazy/awesome stuff! Super interesting paper, but only really useful on certain sorts of images, where you can really bring another element to it from the paper. I have A4 only for now, but Awagami have loads of other cool papers we can explore if you want something really interesting. From the Awagami website:

‘Premio Unryu’ is made by laminating 2 sheets of washi together resulting in a very stable paper with excellent weight and strength. The surface of ‘Premio Unryu’ is easy to recognize as it features swirling Kozo (mulberry) fibers throughout that add a sense of organic beauty to each image printed on it.