Muriwai Sunset

On Saturday I went for a short roadtrip with Sven and Anupam to do some location scouting for our next photoshoot. I've spent a bit of time recently exploring parts of Woodhill Forest near Muriwai Beach, and have found some areas which I thought looked really interesting for a shoot, and happily the other two agreed. Now to start planing a theme/look and organise some models! 

River at the edge of Woodhill Forest and a dodgy looking wooden platform

After exploring in the woods for an hour or two we made a quick decision to drive down the road to the southern end of Muriwai adjacent to Maori Bay to photograph the sunset before it was too late.

Looking down Muriwai Beach as the sun was setting

We were in a bit of a rush to check out the area and find our shot before it got too dark, luckily I had my new tripod with me and had a good chance to test out it's solidity for a long exposure shot. I think it worked pretty well, even if the Gannets in the colonies wouldn't sit still for a whole 30 seconds.. 

Gannet colonies in the setting sun at Maori Bay. Click to see big!

One more of Maori Bay at sunset I forgot to add first time around..