White Studios pt.1 - Samantha

Samantha. Click to enlarge.

Last Saturday I spent the day shooting at White Studios in Kingsland, with good friends Sven (the Bokeh Monster) and Annupam. 

This is Samantha, who was kind enough to pose for me.

Coming soon will be some photos of Priya, who was equally kind to model, both with a range of interesting makeup styles done by Celeste. 

Thanks to everyone involved for a fun but tiring day of shooting, evidenced by 2 out of 3 photographers having a nap during the movie that followed our celebratory pizza and beer...


On Editing

I managed to hit my shutter button over 900 times this day, which seemed like a good idea at the time - but then how to narrow it down to only a couple of favourites to publish? And how do I know which ones the models and make up artist will like? I want to give the other participants some results worth their time.

I spent several hours deleting rejects and playing with colours, but made no progress until I decided just to retouch and publish the ones I personally liked best. I don't know exactly what makes a 'good' fashion/beauty/glamour portrait - I know what I like, but maybe that isn't what the others were expecting.

So these are the style I like as a photographer, whether others do or not - of course I hope they do! And I have 500 more shots they can choose from later if they don't like these ones. Or maybe I just won't be invited again next time..

So these few images are my favourites of Samantha, all from a simple natural light setup against the white studio wall. I have photographs of her from several other lighting setups as well, which I shall publish in due course. Some of those show quite different looks, so hopefully we can find some images useful for both her portfolio as well as mine!

So ends my first post on my studio photography, part 1 of perhaps 3 from White Studios. Next up will be photos of Priya, followed by different looks for Samantha, all with equally riveting commentary..