White Studios pt.2 - Priya

Priya also spent the day with myself, Sven and Annupam last weekend at White Studios, and I've been slowly struggling with the post-processing of these all week. We had plenty of time with Priya during the day, and tried out quite a few variations of makeup, styling, and light setups. Some which worked nicely, and some experimental ones which didn't look too good on reflection! 

Click on any photo to see full screen! Unless I messed up the posting, that is..

My favourites shown here were all from simple setups with relatively soft lighting. Some of the more experimental ones I rejected involved bright cloth or harsh lighting, which can look good in many cases, but I didn't manage to pull it together this time. I really like Rembrandt lighting (see here) but I only tried it against a pale background, I wish I'd done that on the black instead. 

One other thing to consider next time is posing - I'm still relatively inexperienced when it comes to directing models, and it shows that my favourite shots are all quite similar in pose. I will have to concentrate more next time on creating a wider variety of interesting poses, and will shoot more half- or full-body shots rather than mostly headshots.

Of course some models require very little direction  - Samantha from the previous post was very active and I got a wide variety of shots. I was shooting so fast at times I thought my camera was jamming up - in fact it was just filling up the buffer and I had to give it a few seconds to clear!

So thanks for viewing and/or reading again! I'm still figuring out what I want to say in the Photoblave, but i'm trying to keep it direct and to the point (nobody got time for 5000 word posts) and to comment on things I discover/learn along the way. Just as much for my remembering than anything else!


All photos this post: 

Photographer: Nick Depree

MUA & Styling: Celeste Strewe