K'Rd Evening Photowalk

On Sunday I was out shooting again with Sven and the community photo group he organises - we went into the city late afternoon to Karangahape Rd in search of interesting street scenes and people. K Rd is usually one of the main hot spots in the city for this sort of action, but apparently not on Sunday afternoons... there were very few people around, and the light was fading fast, under a cloudy sky, with no chance of a nice sunset. Even so, we persevered and found what we could to shoot!

Behind St.Kevin's Arcade

St.Kevin's Arcade

We spent some time around St.Kevin's arcade and the alleys behind it, and found some nice grungy locations that could be great to keep in mind for a future photoshoot! Some of the others were practicing accosting strangers in the streets for portraits, something Sven is a master at, but I haven't been keen yet... his recap and stranger-danger portraits are posted on his blog here.

Girl with Giant Panda, Upper Queen St

Restaurant, Upper Queen St

After dark we headed down the hill towards Aotea Square hoping for some bright lights or activities. Some of the restaurants along Upper Queen St were interesting, as well as the fairground set up in the square and the big wooden archway including the Pigeon below. One guy dragged his tripod all over town, but I'm lazier than that - all mine are shot handheld with my little Fuji X-E1 and some pretty high ISO numbers, but the camera handled it quite well.


Pigeon, Aotea Square 


That's enough of our mildly-successful photowalk  - now back to processing the last batch of Portraits from White Studios..